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DGen Teleios Black 2500

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€16,000 Euro This Printer is featured

Printer Type:
Roll to Roll
Ink Type:
Dye Submilnation
RIP Version:
Number of Colors:
4 Color
Year of Manufacture:

Equipment Description

First Installation – 11.2016

Printheads in good condition.


Max Print Width: 260 cm

Max Resolution: 1,440 dpi

Feeding System: Direct to Textile

Bulk Ink System: 1 liter/Color CMYK

2 Epson DX5 Print heads running Double CMYK

Integrated Heat Fixation Unit allows Teleios to handle printing and color fixation at the same time.

Easy printing on thin fabrics like flags, banners, mesh, chiffon and many others.

The ink feeding system can be refilled while printing.

Good run-ability and a 24/7 almost unattended operation.

Thanks to the excellent ink penetration, Teleios can deliver flags printed with vibrant colors for front/rear view, perfect color fastness and water-resistance for outdoor use.

Teleios Black 2500 is the new extra-large version of d.gen’s bestselling printer.



The direct-to-textile process and the eco-friendly d.gen inks, allow Teleios users to produce textile signs and flags without using paper and without wasting even a drop of water. Customers’ and operators’ experience is even improved by the exclusive water based d.gen inks, which are non-toxic and odor-free.


Designed and built according to patented technology, the Heat Fixation Unit allows Teleios to handle printing and color fixation at the same time. The embedded computer automatically controls heating temperature and speed according to ink-coverage.


Equipment Overview


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Spare Parts

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